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Take care of your energy.

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Energy awareness is key to a healthy work life.

Many things can sap your energy at work...

A string of back-to-back meetings      Too much time on Zoom      Too little heads-down focus time      An insurmountable workload      Being available at all hours      Skipping lunches      Emotionally draining conversations      Meetings too early in the morning     Meetings too late at night     A bad night's sleep     

It's fun and easy to track energy with AMPLL...

| Connected to your work activity.

| Personalized "gains" and "drains"

| Visualized by a familiar battery.


Use your work activity for better health.

AMPLL connects to the apps you use every day.

Just like your heart rate during exercise, work activity data can inform healthier habits.

AMPLL offers simple, evidence-based, coaching connected to your real work activity and preferences to encourage sustainable energy levels.

AMPLL runs on Mac OS (Windows coming soon) with integrations for Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zoom. More connections, like Apple Health, coming soon!

Your team has the #1 impact on energy at work.

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You can't adopt your best approach to work on an island. So much of work is about how we collaborate with people our team. The power of AMPLL is magnified when it's used with others...

AMPLL Team Call-1

Reward your teammates with cookies 🍪 or carrots 🥕 to encourage positive energy choices at work.

Invite your coworkers, family, and friends to put a focus on maintaining your energy levels. This is how we improve work-life integration and team effectiveness at the same time!

Who is AMPLL for?

AMPLL is designed for busy professionals in self-directed roles who want to improve and balance their working style. The remote work trend has increased the stress from juggling competing responsibilities and trying to be "always on." We are here for people that feel that stress and want to do something about it. 

How will AMPLL make money?

AMPLL is free for individuals to use right now. We are brand new though and, as such, mostly trying to validate we can help solve the enormous pain points associated with work/life integration and remote work.

Someday we may have a Pro consumer version of the app. Our main monetization plan though is to help spread the awareness of diverse working styles and ways to optimize energy across teams to help entire companies of people be at their best. When we have those features, we will ask companies to pay for them.

We will never make money on selling or sharing your personal data. The individual worker is the HERO of our story.

Can my boss use this app to see my activity?

No. We are grossed out by corporate spyware. People should work at places that trust them to do a good job.

"I'm an overachiever who's experienced burn out."

 Guy Suter, Co-founder/CEO 


Guy Suter

Here's our take.

This new Era of work deserves a new way of working...


 1. People are working more and more.

In our always-on world, good health demands wellness and balance across our whole life, including at work. Anyone can benefit from a way to measure work energy and drains using a common language that is safe to share with people.


The great exhaustion

April 1, 2021
Nearly half of all employees report symptoms of burnout, but the real number is surely higher since the most burned-out people have likely left the workplace already.

 2. Awareness of how we each work at our best is far too low.

We may not even realize when our ideal working style conflicts with normal daily realities. These minor, but frequent, energy drains add up to take a big toll on your health and sap your ability to perform at your best.

As hard as it is to be aware of your own ideal work style, it's even harder to recognize what is best for other people. Small innocent choices about collaboration like scheduling, communication modes, or timing can create big drains for your teammates. Given enough of these drains over time, they can lead to substantial dissatisfaction, poison relationships, and a loss of team effectiveness. Providing just a little more intentional awareness can easily turn our routine team interactions into gains.


I have ADHD, and this is how I manage hybrid work

Instead of trying to fit into other people’s molds, lean into how you naturally work your best. Find your natural workflow and let it be yours. If your brain is checked out during a time you should be working, then maybe it is telling you to take a rest.

 3. It's OK to take care of ourselves, even especially at work.

In fact, staying energized in a sustainable way is essential for both good health and being at our most productive. Too many people push along day-after-day fighting to continue unsustainable work habits. Too often the result leads to burnout and mental health stress. The long term effects of this kind of work stress can even be fatal. Luckily, the solution is simple. To have a healthy work life, you just need to get aware about what represents the best work style for you, set some boundaries, and support one another to stay energized.

NBC News

You're not the only one who's had enough: 95 percent of workers are considering quitting, report says

The top culprit, pollsters found, was burnout. Cited by 32 percent of respondents, it was the most common reason people gave for wanting to throw in the towel on their current job.

 4. Being "seen" benefits us all.

People inherently want to be supported and want to support each other. By introducing a common perspective focused on energy, we can change the narrative from celebrating the "hero" who burns both ends of the candlestick (often producing a lot of mediocre work) to encouraging people to take care of themselves so they can produce great work in a sustainable and reliable way over the longterm.


4 Ways to Inspire Employees to Stick Around When Everyone's Trying to Poach Them - Keep the talent you have.

May 5, 2021
So make sure employees understand how their work impacts the company — and how, in turn, the company is making a difference for them.

 5. Even overachievers have quirks worth nurturing.

The makers of AMPLL are overachievers who bring our own personal experiences with burn out stemming from years of near workaholic tendencies. We are not a group of soft and lazy people who are looking for an excuse to do less work. We started AMPLL with a desire to find the right approach to doing our best work.

Just like athletes enrolled in the hardest training programs, the best results at work require measurement, awareness, and careful recovery. Nobody ever won a gold medal without balancing their physical training with essential recovery. We believe a little "healthy ambition" is good for you and it is not mutually exclusive with taking care of yourself.


Why you should actually break for lunch

June 7, 2021
Don't forget to use lunchtime as an opportunity to unplug and refresh your mind.

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