About Punch

Punch is built for, and by, people who aim to be highly effective in the remote work age.

Our story:

First and foremost, we at Punch are a friend and ally to workers. We are staunchly opposed to big brother management tactics and will always protect the privacy of our users.

At Punch, we face the benefits (and challenges) of being a flexible team distributed across five states first hand. In 2020, the world turned upside down, and it's not going back. Even before the pandemic, teams were spreading out geographically, with a growing number of fully remote workers. This new work environment requires tools designed to help us balance our work-life integration and be good coworkers in this post traditional 9-5 office setting world. We see this trend as an opportunity to improve people's quality of life and make teams into more effective groups.

Our team of coders, designers, marketers, and dreamers is enthusiastically crafting Punch to meet these times. We aim to improve collaboration performance of individuals and teams. Team Punch brings a founder-to-IPO track record and 100+ years of combined experience making software apps, used by millions. We are grateful for this chance to work together again on something we really care about.

Our goal at Punch is to make a product that helps you and your coworkers embrace the benefits of a distributed team while overcoming its challenges. As we explore what these big changes mean for us all, we invite you to follow along on our Blog and join in on the conversation.

If you have questions for us or want to join our team, please say hi 👋...