Adding data sources

Once you have set up Ampll, you can connect other calendar, email, file sharing , and instant messaging accounts for a more complete view of your activity across both your work and personal lives.

Currently, Ampll supports connecting additional Google, Microsoft, and Slack accounts.

To connect an additional account:

  • Click your avatar in the upper right of  the Ampll Dashboard and click Preferences


    From the Ampll menu bar icon, under the gear icon in the upper right, choose Preferences.

    Preferences from bolt icon

  • Choose the Cloud apps options

    Cloud Apps

  • The top area in green is for Personal accounts and the bottom area in blue is for Work accounts.  In the appropriate section, click the appropriate Add Account to... button.
  • Choose either Sign in with Slack, Sign in with Microsoft, or Sign In with Google.

    Add Account

  • Accept all permissions requested.
  • Click Close in the upper left corner of the Preferences window.

Once your additional account has authorized access for Ampll, it will take time for your data to be reflected in your energy timeline and Calendar view.  For most accounts, this process can often take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

You do not need to wait for a previous analysis to complete before adding subsequent accounts.