Adjusting Your Battery

Sometimes the AMPLL battery may not represent your real energy level.  It's OK because your energy isn't just a function of your calendar and your computer activity.  For these situations, you can adjust the AMPLL battery directly.  

When you click the battery icon on your Dashboard, you can manually adjust the battery using the Reset Energy Level screen.

Manually adjusting the battery after clicking the icon on the Dashboard

You can also use the + icon on above the energy timeline and choose Adjust Battery to access the Reset Energy Level screen.

Adjust Battery from icon

Pop-up menu under the + icon above the energy timeline

Removing Events from Your Energy Timeline

There are also times when AMPLL has the right idea in general, but the rules just don't apply in this instance.  For example, if you left a set of back-to-back meetings today more energized than you normal, you might choose to remove the drain on your energy timeline.  To remove an energy event, you can simply click on the energy event, click This is incorrect..., and opt to remove the energy event.

Removing an energy event using This is incorrect...

Adjusting Activity Details

Sometimes you may want to classify an activity differently from AMPLL defaults.  In this example, an appointment called "Apple Fitness" was incorrectly classified as a Work meeting instead of a Wellbeing event.  Clicking the energy event and the underlying activity enables you to correct the classification.

Reclassifying an event from Work Meeting to Wellbeing