Your AMPLL Dashboard

Your AMPLL Dashboard consists of several key areas.

  • Battery.  Click the the numbers (0 through 6) to adjust your energy settings.
  • + icon.  Use the + icon to either add a gain or add a drain directly to your energy timeline.
  • Start a boost.  Used to add a boost.
  • Energy timeline.   The energy timeline depicts changes to your battery and does not represent all your detected activity.  To see all the activity AMPLL has detected, visit the Calendar view by clicking your avatar.
  • Presence Information.  Your presence information shows the activity that you are currently sharing with your teammates..
  • Avatar.  Click to access your preferences and Calendar view.
  • Activity cards (carousel).  From time-time, AMPLL provides recommendations, challenges, and even prompts to tailor your AMPLL experience.
  • Energy Sharing.  You can see avatars of teammates you invite or who have invited you.  Once sharing is enabled on both sides, you can see your teammates' energy levels, and their presence (whether in focus time, conversations, meetings, personal events, wellbeing events, or even offline). 

Dashboard overview W40
AMPLL Dashboard

You can also close your AMPLL Dashboard (command ()-W) without quitting the application.  It is important to keep AMPLL running to track your computer activity.


Your AMPLL Menu Bar Shortcuts

When AMPLL is running, you can access it at any time from your menu bar or system tray.  Click the bolt icon.

From your AMPLL menu bar, you can see at a glance the information you are sharing with others.

  • Presence information.  The presence information area shows whether you are in a meeting, chat or email, a video call, in a flow state, in a wellbeing activity, or in a personal event. When AMPLL cannot yet determine your presence or when you are away from your computer, AMPLL does not display or share your presence information.
  • Battery icon.  The battery icon shows your current energy level.
  • Most recent energy event.  AMPLL displays the last energy event from your energy timeline here.
  • Gear menu.  This gear menu includes options to open the Preferences window and to quit AMPLL.
  • Buttons to reset battery level.  These controls provide a quick way to adjust your battery.
  • Open Dashboard.  This button provides the primary way to reopen the AMPLL Dashboard after closing it.
  • Start a Boost.  This button provides a quick way to boost your battery level now.



AMPLL menu bar shortcuts