A New View of Your Team

Know what and how your co-workers are doing in the moment.


Ampll enables you to gain a whole new view of your co-workers in the moment and collaborate with empathy.

Ampll for Slack automatically updates your Slack status with your presence as detected by Ampll. Ampll for Slack also automatically detects your Slack usage in public channels even when you are away from your desktop computer.

To get the most from Ampll, we recommend that you download and install Ampll for Windows or Mac to automatically detect your presence. Ampll can detect when you are:

  • in chat or email
  • in a video call
  • in a work event
  • in a meeting
  • in a focused flow
  • in a personal event
  • in a well-being event

Once configured, Ampll for Slack can automatically update your Slack status with your presence as detected by Ampll. From within Slack, you can also override automatic detection of your presence.


Automatic status updates

Your Slack status is automatically updated by Ampll using icons that represent various states. To see a description of a team member's current status, simply hover over their name..

Detecting Slack usage when mobile

In addition, Ampll for Slack notifies Ampll of your Slack usage when you are contributing to public channels while away from your Mac or Windows PC to update your status as “in chat or email.”

Enabling or disabling status updates

You can enable or disable status either with Slack messages /ampll on or /ampll off, or through the Shortcut to Update Presence.

Manually setting presence

Use the Update Presence shortcut to optionally set a presence manually, or to disable automatic updates for a period of time or indefinitely. The default is one hour.


For more detailed information on installing Ampll for Slack, please see our User Guide. Alternatively, feel free to contact us.