Work has changed. You?
Work has changed. You?
Kristin Barnes De Berti
August 4, 2022

The world at work has been seriously evolving over the last 2½ years. We’ve heard news reports, read articles, and have followed Elon Musk tweets down the rabbit hole (for more hours than we care to admit). We focus a lot on the future of work. But what about the future of us, you and me? Our teams, our families, our lives?

The team at Ampll has spent the last 2 years studying the effects of remote work on individuals and teams and one thing is clear. The way we operate at work has changed and the way we think about work has changed. What hasn’t changed much is the technology we have to support our remote workforce but that’s rapidly changing.

Disconnected yet “always-on” today’s workforce is in desperate need of a solution that allows teammates to “see” each other across time zones, locations, and working styles. When we say “see” we don’t mean another video conference. We mean witness, understand, and support a person’s unique needs and preferences. No longer do we “check our personal lives at the door.” We are inviting teammates into our homes, literally. Our technology should reflect that work and life can no longer be treated separately. That employees are people first and by giving teams a simple and safe way to understand one another better, the workplace (whether on Zoom or in an office), is one filled with respect, camaraderie, and ultimately increased connection. And as a seasoned HR professional, I can tell you, connection is the key to productivity and retention.

Ampll provides teams access to real-time information about a co-workers working style, personal obligations, and work boundaries. As well as, at a glance, in-the-moment  presence information that answers a very simple but important question, is now a good time to talk? To provide teams that are dispersed a way to respect and care for each other. To know each other better and to “see” how each other is doing. All within a mini-panel. Honestly, it’s pretty neat.

What’s even better is that the Ampll team will be in Laa Vegas at the HR Tech Conference September 13-16, 2022. Come chat with us at booth 514C about how we can equip your organization with technology that brings remote teams together.

Reserve a time for a live demo here:

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Kristin Barnes De Berti

Kristin is the Chief Experience Officer at Ampll and is so excited to be reunited with a team of passionate, driven, and overall great people! She is a retired Division 1 water polo goalie, a mom of 3 little girls, and an avid runner, swimmer, and yogi. In the past, she headed up the Human Resources function for a successful technology company.

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