Steve Pao

Steve Pao is Chief Product Officer at AMPLL and a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals. Prior to AMPLL, Steve was an early employee and product executive at two companies that did IPOs (Latitude Communications in 1999 and Barracuda Networks in 2013). Steve is a proud "empty nester" and lives in Portland, OR with his wife whom he met in 7th grade German class.

Stories by Steve

Managing back-to-back meetings

How to manage back-to-back meetings through shorter meetings, proposing new times, and scheduling recovery breaks.

Our first Silent Meeting…

Our first experience with a "Silent Meeting" - adapted from and popularized by Twitter, Square, and Amazon.


Why do CEOs want to go back to the office?

Despite that a majority of employee's preference to work from home more frequently and the potential cost savings for employers, Tim Cook is not...

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