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“The future of work is here, let’s grab a surfboard and ride the waves.” Guy Suter, AMPLL CEO Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a clue of how a teammate is doing with a quick gl...

The future of work is here, let’s grab a surfboard and ride the waves.Guy Suter, AMPLL CEO

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a clue of how a teammate is doing with a quick glance or click of a button? As a former head of HR and executive coach, I have come to rely very heavily on my “spidey senses,” or as my co-worker Steve affectionately calls it, my “jedi-mind tricks.” Essentially, in order to do my job of connecting teams, inspiring leaders, and raising levels of empathy in an organization, I need to have one thing completely “on-lock.” Energy.


The energy in the room, in the building, and between team members. It is hard to explain, quantify, or qualify, but a well run, high trust, connected team has a certain “hum” within their operation. This “hum” is what the makers of AMPLL were after when we began to build the product you see today. 

Our team took to developing a battery that serves as a quick visual to get “the hum” of your team. Along the way we have learned a whole lot about work, life, and teams.  We have interviewed 100’s, read thousands of articles and books, and listened to countless podcasts.  We are encouraged by the number of likeminded people who recognize that the future of work is changing and that we as humans can too! Gone are the days of 9-to-5 and placing your own personal needs below the needs of the company.  The Makers of AMPLL are dedicated to bringing what we have learned --and engineered-- directly to YOU. You, the team member, and the hero of this new epic journey. 

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.’” Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

As a group of lifelong learners, we long ago acknowledged the fact that there are very few things that you can ever really know for sure.  In many ways, as original thinkers, and avid consumers of Adam Grant’s books and podcasts, we question EVERYTHING. As I type this out, it occurs to me that after a year of learning, researching, and developing there are a few things that are unwavering, unquestionable, and what we know for sure.  Here they are:


  • Worklife balance is a myth; Work and life are one, and our responsibility is to care for the whole person no matter what activity they are engaged in
  • People genuinely care about each other and crave belonging; They want to be a part of a supportive team
  • The key to productivity and success is not correlated with the number of hours you have in a week but your personal level of energy to get things done
  • The future of work is here; Let’s embrace it. 


The following are some thoughts and learnings from TEAM AMPLL. We are always looking for feedback and to connect! So please feel free to email us

IMG_0753-jpegAs a high achiever, family man, and someone who has experienced burnout firsthand Guy Suter, maker of AMPLL, knows just how important these truths are.  His opinion, “The basic truth we all face is that there is never enough time in the day. We don’t have the ability to take on all of the things we want to, and do them well. So, to perform at our best, we must be intentional about how we work.” Enter AMPLL.

lindsayLindsay Snider, maker of AMPLL, pilot, and cloud engineering master, shared his thoughts with me on what makes AMPLL worthwhile. “Honestly, the biggest benefit that AMPLL offers me, is that it reminds me that “It’s OKAY” to take time for me.  I love to work, so I sometimes forget that it’s okay to take a few minutes away from my computer screen from time to time.” 

kevinKevin Bonner, maker of AMPLL, OPS guru, and “Captain” to his inner circle recognizes that AMPLL is special because it helps him communicate his preferences and energy levels clearly, and he better understands his teammates' preferences and energy levels! “ I cringe when my battery goes to zero, because I know I should be taking the time for myself and to focus on boosting my energy.  Without AMPLL I am not sure I would have even been aware of how depleted I am at the end of the day!”

ianIan Berry, maker of AMPLL, front-end magician, and avid gardener takes an unique perspective of what makes AMPLL different and exciting. “AMPLL is daring to do something different. We are challenging the status quo and challenging employers to reexamine how employees are recognized and cared for. Empathy and empathetic listening is a big pillar at AMPLL. We want that to be shared with everyone. This product has the potential to actually improve the lives of people, that is super motivating.``

steveSteve Pao, maker of AMPLL, the Chief Product Officer that you wish you had, and Moroccan Mocha aficionado, had a handful of things to add. His deep thoughts add to the conversation about why AMPLL is important to him, and why it should be important to you too! “We have an awesome opportunity right now to forge a new way of being, to take everything we used to know and do at work and flip it around, to reinvent ourselves as we reinvent what work means to each of us and how our work impacts our lives and wellbeing. My big dream is that AMPLL, a health app for work, becomes the standard of care for employers tomorrow and well into the future.”

kristinAnd then there is me, Kristin De Berti,  maker of AMPLL, sharer of life experiences, and awareness seeker. “What makes AMPLL magic for me is the ability to connect with others and to allow my team members to get to know who I really am.  In no other job or team have I felt more connected or authentically myself.  AMPLL allows me to feel safe sharing my experiences and energy levels, and the more I share, the more connected I feel.” 

Thanks for reading more about us, our journey and our vision for the future. 

We look forward to hearing from you.




P.S. We just had to include this pic of Ian's dog Harvey too...



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