Making AMPLL- The "Why"

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a clue of how a teammate is doing with a quick glance or click of a button? The energy in the room, in the...

Creating Awareness

The rings on my watch, the data from Strava, Google Fit, Oura rings, Garmin, all have one thing in common: Awareness. All of the aforementioned...

Creating balance, in an unbalanced world

The need for balance in the busy lives of men, women, and parents alike has never been more clear. I, for one, can’t help but wonder, what does our...

Managing back-to-back meetings

How to manage back-to-back meetings through shorter meetings, proposing new times, and scheduling recovery breaks.

Our first Silent Meeting…

Our first experience with a "Silent Meeting" - adapted from and popularized by Twitter, Square, and Amazon.

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