Boosting Your Energy Now

When AMPLL detects your energy is running low, it sends you a notification.

Boost Notification

Boost notification

You can choose to boost your energy directly from the notification panel.

Boost Notification with optionsPicking your boost directly from the Notifications panel

Or you can choose "Set Boost" to open your Dashboard which displays an activity card providing suggestions for battery boosts.

Boost choices

Boost choices from Dashboard

If you do not see the notification, the Activity Card should still appear for you when you return to your Dashboard.

Boost Card

Boost Recommendation in Activity Card Carousel

In addition, you can set a boost at any time using the + icon above the energy timeline and choosing Add a boost from the pop-up menu.

Add a boost

Pop-up menu under the + icon above the energy timeline

Congratulations for logging your boosts!

Cookies or Carrots

Once you've logged a boost, your teammates may choose to recognize you.  (See Recognizing your teammates).  Based on your own personal choice, you can decide if you'd like your teammates to recognize you with cookie emojis (🍪) or carrot emojis (🥕).  If you haven't been recognized by any teammates yet, you can set your Sharing Encouragement Type to be either a cookie or a carrot in right on the Dashboard above the Energy Sharing area.

Carrot Cookie Toggle

Once you've been recognized, you can always change your Sharing Encouragement Type when you set your work style preferences.