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Your Health App for Work

Track and manage your work health using information from your calendar, your computer usage, and your preferences of work style.   Boost your energy through recommended best practices, and share your energy levels with your coworkers — another best practice for optimal team performance!

Remember that you control how your energy levels are shared, and the underlying data in your energy timeline remains private for you.  Feel free to check out our privacy policy and terms of use.

  • Automatic representation of your work energy ("AMPLL battery") based on your calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft 365) and computer usage
  • Optional integration with your email (GMail and Microsoft 365), file sharing (Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive), and Slack public channel usage to better inform your AMPLL battery
  • Settings for work style and meeting preferences
  • Reset of your AMPLL battery to match how you're really feeling
  • Suggested energy "boosts" when your AMPLL battery runs low
  • Energy level sharing with co-workers and recognitions ("bolts") when people are intentional about boosting their batteries

Features coming soon...

  • More best practices recommendations for your work energy
  • Future energy predictions and planning actions
  • Apple Health data integration

Install walk through videos available on our YouTube channel.

Our mission for the AMPLL app...

We are so glad you are here! This past year has been challenging for many of us. It's also highlighted a basic truth about modern work... many of us could benefit from more intentionally managing our energy. In this video, Kristin explains the motivation behind making AMPLL for you!