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Energy awareness is key to a healthy work life.

Many things can sap your energy at work...

A string of back-to-back meetings • Too much time on Zoom • Too little heads-down focus time • An insurmountable workload • Being available at all hours • Skipping lunches • Emotionally draining conversations • Meetings before your preferred work hours

It's fun and easy to track energy with AMPLL...

| Connected to your work activity.

| Personalized "gains" and "drains"

| Visualized by a familiar battery.


Use your work activity for better health.

AMPLL connects to the apps you use every day.

Just like heart rate during execise, our work activity load says a lot about our health.

AMPLL offers simple, evidence-based, coaching connected to your real work activity and preferences to encourage sustainable energy levels.

AMPLL runs on Mac OS (Windows coming soon) with integrations for Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zoom. More connections, like Apple Health, coming soon!


A Year in the Making… the AMPLL app is goin’ LIVE now!

A year ago this month, our team started off on a new journey, which has become “AMPLL.” We sought to answer what it means to thrive in today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing modern world of work.

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Who is AMPLL for?

AMPLL is designed for busy professionals in self-directed roles who want to improve and balance their working style. The remote work trend has increased the stress from juggling competing responsibilities and trying to be "always on." We are here for people that feel that stress and want to do something about it. 

How will AMPLL make money?

AMPLL is free for individuals to use right now. We are brand new though and, as such, mostly trying to validate we can help solve the enormous pain points associated with work/life integration and remote work.

Someday we may have a Pro consumer version of the app. Our main monetization plan though is to help spread the awareness of diverse working styles and ways to optimize energy across teams to help entire companies of people be at their best. When we have those features, we will ask companies to pay for them.

We will never make money on selling or sharing your personal data. The individual worker is the HERO of our story.

Can my boss use this app to see my activity?

No. We are grossed out by corporate spyware. People should work at places that trust them to do a good job.