Installing Ampll


To use Ampll, you will need:

  • a Microsoft 365 or Google account
  • a Mac running OS X 10.15 ("Catalina") or higher

A Windows version is coming soon, as is an iOS companion app to integrate Apple Health data into Ampll.

Optional Calendar and Cloud App Permissions

To best analyze your collaboration patterns, it is recommended you connect your Microsoft 365 or Google Calendar.  We understand that the nature of this data is very sensitive, and our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use indicate that we will display your data to you to deliver customized reporting and insights, but that we will aggregate and anonymize your data for use in our learning models and in any future presentation of data for our community of users.

In addition, you can also authorize Ampll to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Outlook 365 Email, Google Drive, and Gmail.  You can add your personal calendar, email, calendar, shared file, and Slack accounts later.  Other integrations are coming soon.

For more information about how Ampll users the data from external data sources, please review the App Permissions page.

Installing Ampll

To set up Ampll:

  • Download the .dmg file from the Download page
  • From your Downloads folder on your computer, open the .dmg file.
  • Drag and drop the Ampll icon into the Applications folder

    AMPLL download

  • Open the Applications folder
  • Double-click the Ampll application icon
  • Click Create my account
  • After accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, sign in with your Google or Microsoft 365 account.  Note that Ampll will launch a browser window to complete your authentication and will prompt you from your browser to relaunch Ampll.
  • Complete the tour steps and complete the Activity Cards.  Ensure you have completed all the steps in the Setup Checklist, including the last step of joining either your domain team or the @ampllbetatesters community.
Follow the Setup Checklist
  • Once you have finished the Setup Checklist, navigate back to the Events menu on the left to see the You did it! message.


    Setup Checklist complete


Once you've completed setup, feel free to navigate around the user interface and to watch the orientation video. Once you've familiarized yourself with the interface, feel free to close the Dashboard window by clicking the window close button or using a keyboard shortcut (⌘-W on Mac).  Ampll will automatically just start measuring your energy.

There are quick demonstration videos to show how this process looks for both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 365 Calendars on our YouTube channel.