Recognizing Your Teammates

To help teams encourage each other to manage their work energy, AMPLL allows you teammates to recognize each other whenever they achieve a "gain" to their batteries or they decide to set an intentional "boost."

When you achieve a gain, you get a notification.

Carrot Notification

Notification when a teammate recognizes you

In addition, AMPLL notifies you whenever one of your teammates' batteries achieves an intentional gain or boost.  Directly from the notification panel, you can recognize them by sending a "cookie" or a "carrot", depending on their preferences.

Friend Boost Notifications

Notification when a friends achieves a boost

You can recognize them by hovering over the notification and choosing "Give Cookie" or "Give Carrot" (depending on their preference).

Carrot from the banner

Giving a cookie or carrot directly from the banner

Alternatively, you can click the notification banner to open the AMPLL Dashboard and recognize them from an activity card.

Giving a cookie or a carrot from an activity card on the Dashboard

You can also recognize teammates by giving rewards directly on from the Energy Sharing area.


Give a carrot or cookie from the Energy Sharing area

Note that you can only give one cookie or carrot per intentional boost or gain event.