Remote onboarding and Ampll

The remote onboarding process as we knew it — with team member introductions, chance meetings, ad-hoc pop-ins, and happy hours with the team — are for the most part history.

It’s unfortunate, because this was how we built rapport with one another, how working relationships were formed, and how new hires became comfortable interacting with their peers.

Obviously, there’s more to onboarding than blather, banter and beers, but you can’t deny the importance of being there — in the moment. Not just for the introductory orientation week, but for the weeks and months following when close proximity support is so important to those in training.

Virtually there

Employees thrive on being seen and appreciated during the initial onboarding phase, and beyond. For this, Ampll lets you check in on your new hires in real-time, and provides you with an innovative tool for giving and receiving praise. At a glance, you'll know if the time is right for a check-in, some encouragement, a break, or perhaps for some additional guidance.

People first

Clicking on the People Tab gives you a sortable list of individuals by department or category (e.g., new hires). To the right of each name are icons that represent the individual's actual state, and their relative energy level as captured in real-time by Ampll. You can see that Derek is in a focused flow and is at the midpoint on energy, and Kevin is communicating via chat or slack with a fair amount of energy "in the tank."

Sharing boundaries

Enabling and encouraging every new hire to establish and share their work boundaries exemplifies your company's support for employee well-being and respect for a desired balance between work and life. Clicking on a team member's name opens their personal Profile Card which helps quickly determine if now's a good time based on current state, energy, and pre-established boundaries. For Kristin, this may not be a good time or day to connect.

Encouraging others

Within the Ampll platform, you can send encouragement to people when you sense they need it (e.g., "Nice work! Now, go be with your family!"). Ampll also nudges you with timely coaching, and prompts others to send encouragement to those who reach minimum thresholds. In addition, when a teammate logs or schedules a break, you can praise their mindfulness to reinforce to all that "it's OK to..." Emoji bolts accompany encouragement messaging for added impact and visibility.

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