Setting Your Work Style

AMPLL uses your work style preferences in several ways:

  • to drive the logic for your energy timeline
  • to customize the recommendations in your activity cards
  • to share with your coworkers

When you install AMPLL, you are presented with an activity card to set meeting preferences.


Meeting preferences activity card

Clicking on Set meeting preferences brings up a detail card where you can set work style preferences that drive your energy rules.

Meeting Preferences Acctivity Card Modal

Meeting preferences onboarding activity

You can go back to these rules by clicking your avatar on your Dashboard and choosing Preferences.  

You can also use the AMPLL icon in your menu bar or system tray and click the gear menu in the upper right to choose Preferences.

Preferences from bolt icon

Opening the Preferences window from the menu bar

In the Preferences window, choose the Work Style options and customize accordingly.

Work Style Preferences

Work style options in the Preferences window