Sharing Your Battery

Sharing your work energy levels among teammates promotes transparency and fosters better team engagement.

You can also share your energy levels and your presence with your friends, family, or other accountability partners to help you manage your work health.  

AMPLL energy sharing shows your teammates current battery levels, whether they recently gained or drained,  as well as their current presence state - whether they are in meetings (red), conversations (orange),focus time (blue), in wellbeing activities (green), or offline (grey).


AMPLL energy sharing and presence

Clicking on a row provides more information, including details about their recent energy changes, as well as information about their current state.  Below is the information for Guy Suter from the screen above. brings up sharing details

To share, use the Invite to join... link in your AMPLL Dashboard to bring up a pop-up window prompting for an email address.

Enter email address
Clicking the Invite... link prompts you for an email address to invite

If your invitees do not use AMPLL, they will receive an email inviting them to download the AMPLL app and to set up an account.

If your invitees already have AMPLL, they will receive an email and also see your avatar in their Dashboard.  From there, sharing starts after they accept your invitation.

Similarly, when you are invited from other users, you will see their avatars in your Dashboard.