Daily Check-In and Summary

Research shows that people who routinely think about and plan their day are happier, more productive, and less burned out.

As such, AMPLL includes features for reflection and awareness — Yesterday’s Summary and Daily Check-in — to reinforce these best practices. For every workday morning, AMPLL will put a badge on its menu bar icon to remind you to reflect on yesterday and check your battery level.


Badge on menu bar icon

You can set your day’s starting battery level directly from the menu bar

Daily Check-in from menu bar

Or for a full reflection, you can click Yesterday’s Summary card before setting your battery.


Yesterday’s Summary

And then you can set your battery using the Daily-Check-in Card as above. AMPLL will log your check-in on your Energy Timeline.


Daily Check-in from the Dashboard

While we encourage you to check-in, it’s OK to skip it. If you don’t set your battery before your next energy event or before noon local time (whichever comes first), AMPLL will “estimate” your starting battery level.

Also, if you ever want to view the Daily Summary for a different day, look for the icon next to the day on the Energy Timeline.


Viewing the Daily Summary for any day on the Energy Timeline