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Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started
Using ampll
Is there a User Guide to help me get started?

Yes!  You can access Ampll User Guide here at

What do I need to get started with Ampll?

A Mac, Windows PC, or other device supporting a modern web browser; a Google or Microsoft 365 account. Optionally, Ampll also integrates with Slack and features an iOS companion app. Individual (single-user) accounts are absolutely free.

How does Ampll measure my energy level?

Ampll tracks work and other activities that are known to affect your energy – captured from your calendar, computer, and those that are entered manually. Your relevant energy level is measured on a scale of 0-6, requiring little to no user input. We strive to maintain an accuracy rate of at least 80%. You can also adjust your energy level if it doesn’t feel right.

Should I enable notifications?

Yes! Ampll can use system notifications to remind you to take a break, as well as to alert you when your teammates might be in need of some additional support from you! Using system notifications is a good way to just allow Ampll to run in the background while you do your work.

Can Ampll automatically log well-being events?

Yes, Ampll can automatically categorize certain types of calendar events with keywords, such as workout, lunch, mindfulness, and others. You can also mark an event as a wellbeing event by inviting to the calendar event. Ampll for iOS features integration with Apple Health to automatically capture your workouts as boosts.

What is the benefit I get by hooking up a work calendar?

Ampll can better profile your energy from work events, like back-to-back meetings, meetings outside preferred hours or days, or even times when you’re in face-to-face meetings and not at your computer.

Does Ampll capture my browsing history?

No. Ampll does not see the URLs that you visit. Ampll only captures the execution of your browser and the duration of each browsing session to be able to log it as an energy event (i.e., focus time). You can always disable this too from the Preferences, Applications window.

Is Ampll going to give up my data to my employer?

No. You can decide to share your last energy event, abstracted energy levels, workday status, and profile preferences. However, any underlying activity data or private notes belong to you and are not shared. You can also choose to delete it at any time.

Why does my Ampll display appear out-of-date?

Certain conditions with your computer may cause Ampll to get behind. Simply refresh Ampll by opening the Dashboard and pressing Ctrl+R on Windows or Command_R on Mac.

Why am I not receiving notifications from Ampll?

Check your Notification Center on Windows or Mac computers. Also make sure that you’re not in Focus Time.

What if I need more help?

Visit us at We’re always here to help.