Troubleshooting Ampll

The following tips help with common scenarios.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Updating your Dashboard or Calendar view

Ampll only refreshes your open Dashboard or Calendar views periodically.  To update your screen immediately on Mac, hold down the command () key while pressing R.  To update your screen immediately on Windows, hold down the Ctrl key while pressing R.

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Energy Timeline and your current activities

The energy timeline currently only shows energy events which impact your current battery score.  In general, meetings affect your current score after they have ended.  In addition, many work activities only affect your battery reading after 2 hours of cumulative activity.  To see all past activities detected by AMPLL, you can visit your Calendar view.

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AMPLL and Calendar Updates

AMPLL is designed to sync automatically with your Google or Microsoft calendar events.  If more than 30 minutes have elapsed and you have updated your Dashboard or Calendar view with no success, please contact us.  We are trying to isolate situations where AMPLL loses connections to Google or Microsoft calendars.

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Re-enable Notifications

When AMPLL sends its first notification to your computer, your computer's operating system verifies that you want to receive notifications.

System notification

Operating system alert the first time Ampll sends a notification

In most cases, you must explicitly "Allow" notifications.

Allow Notifications

Allowing Ampll notifications

In some cases, you may have missed this notification and need to go back to explicitly enable notifications.

To do so on Mac, open your System Preferences and Choose Notifications.  Choose Ampll and select Allow Notifications.

System Preferences Notifications
Verify Ampll is enabled in System Preferences, Notifications

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Generating a Diagnostic File

To resolve issues with Ampll, we may ask you to generate a Diagnostic File.  To generate the file:

  • From the Help menu, choose Generate Diagnostic File.


Generating a Diagnostic File from the Help menu

  • When asked to save a file, specify a location.  The default is your ~/Downloads folder.

Saving the Diagnostic File


Once you've saved the file, you can coordinate with us to transfer the file securely.

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