Ampll User Guide

Ampll for Windows, Mac, Web, and iOS
Ampll for Windows, Mac, Web, and iOS

Ampll has primary interfaces on Mac, Windows, and web. In addition, there is an integration with Slack, and an iOS companion app.

Ampll for Mac and Windows

We recommend that you install Ampll for Mac or Windows for easy access to the Ampll Mini-Panel from your Mac menu bar or your Windows system tray.

When you click the Ampll icon, you can see at a glance the information you are sharing with others.

  • Avatar. Clicking your avatar on the Mini Panel enables you to view your Profile page and to edit your profile.
  • Presence information.  The presence information area shows whether you are in a meeting, chat or email, a video call, in a flow state, in a wellbeing activity, or in a personal event. When Ampll cannot yet determine your presence or when you are away from your computer, Ampll does not display or share your presence information.
  • Energy meter.  The energy meter shows your current energy level.
  • Comments. More details about your status.
  • People tab.  This tab provides an at-a-glance view of your team.
  • Bolts tab. This tab provides a way for you to recognize your teammates and send encouraging messages.
  • "..." menu. This menu enables you to Quit Ampll or access the Preferences screen to add data sources, manually update Ampll, and perform troubleshooting steps.
  • Presence controls.  These controls provide a quick way to override your presence information.
  • Energy controls.  These controls provide a quick way to adjust your energy meter.
  • Start boost.  This button provides a quick way to boost your energy now.
  • Recommendation card carousel. This panel highlights Ampll features to enrich your sharing experience, as well as customized coaching to look after the work health of you and your teammates.
The Ampll Mini-Panel for Mac and Windows

Ampll for iOS

We also recommend that iPhone users download the iOS companion app available on the App Store.

Ampll for Web

While Ampll for Mac or Windows is the preferred deployment, you can also acccess Ampll for Web at

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