Ampll User Guide

Your Ampll Mini-Panel
Your Ampll Mini-Panel

When you click the Ampll icon, you can see at a glance the information you are sharing with others.

  • Presence information.  The presence information area shows whether you are in a meeting, chat or email, a video call, in a flow state, in a wellbeing activity, or in a personal event. When Ampll cannot yet determine your presence or when you are away from your computer, Ampll does not display or share your presence information.
  • Energy meter.  The energy meter shows your current energy level.
  • Comments. More details about your status.
  • People tab.  This tab provides an at-a-glance view of your team.
  • Bolts tab. This tab provides a way for you to recognize your teammates and send encouraging messages.
  • Presence controls.  These controls provide a quick way to override your presence information.
  • Energy controls.  These controls provide a quick way to adjust your energy meter.
  • Start Boost.  This button provides a quick way to boost your energy now.
The Ampll Mini-Panel
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