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Boosting your energy now
Boosting your energy now

Logging boosts

When you feel your energy is running low, start a boost.  You can start a boost any time by clicking the bolt icon or the down arrow next to it in the Ampll Mini Panel.

Clicking the Down arrow next to Start Boost display a selection of Boosts

You can also start boosts from Ampll for Web by clicking the bolt icon or the down arrow next to the bolt icon.

Starting a Boost using Ampll for Web

Tapping the bolt icon in Ampll for iOS also brings up a list of boosts.

Status Messages

You can set a custom status message and duration for your boost. Note that if you have connected Ampll for Slack, you can automatically update your Slack status with the custom presence and status message.

Custom Status Message and Duration

Apple Health Integration

In addition, Ampll for iOS integrates with Apple Health to detect your workouts as boosts.  If you have not yet set up Apple Health integration, tapping the Bolt icon in the lower right of the Ampll for iOS screen displays an option to "Connect Events from Apple Health".

The Connect Events from Apple Health button

Make sure to enable Ampll to read Workouts and then tap Allow .

Allowing Ampll to read workouts from Apple Health

Ampll for iOS notifies you when it logs a boost. Below is an example of a notification received on the iPhone home screen after completing a workout in Apple Health.

Ampll for iOS notification of a detected Apple Health workout

After Logging a Boost

When connected to Slack, Ampll updates your status message and presence icon.

When Ampll detects your energy is running low, it sends you a notification. You can choose a boost directly from the notification using the Options drop down.

Choosing a Boost from a notification

Once you've logged a boost, your teammates may choose to recognize you by giving you bolt emoji rewards. You can also recognize your teammates with bolts for logging their own boosts. (See Recognizing your teammates).

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