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How Ampll increases awareness of availability
How Ampll increases awareness of availability

With Ampll, you and your teammates can get better visibility into when it might be a good time to collaborate with each other.  Ampll combines an enriched view of availability to enable remote teams to work better together. For example, if teammates are in a “focused flow” (deep work) or outside their preferred work hours, it might not be the best time to interrupt them. Being mindful of others’ availability is the first step toward collaborating with empathy.

Moreover, in our “always on” work culture, it’s important to change the conversation. Ampll also helps you and your teammates look after your work health through encouragement to pick the boosts that work best for you, whether they involve movement, downtime, the outdoors, or your own adventure. You can recognize your teammates for starting their own boosts to take care of themselves and to help them do their best work.

Ampll helps you and your teammates gain awareness of each others' energy by modeling energy based on users' individual work style preferences (e.g., chronotype and personal constraints). Ampll presents a model on a scale of 0 (empty) to 6 (full). Users can optionally share their energy or simply view it themselves.

Ampll is built on fresh evidence-based techniques to foster optimal individual and team work habits.  With Ampll, you can help foster a culture for both work health and team performance.

Ampll combines information from your preferences, your current activity, and an estimate of your energy level to provide a richer view of availability

The Ampll People tab gives you an enriched view of your teammates' availability in the moment, so you can collaborate with empathy

Even those who do not use Ampll can see the availability of Ampll users through Slack.

Ampll for Slack automatically updates Slack status with presence icons and comments

In addition, Ampll users can also see the users status from any modern web browser using Ampll for Web.

Filtering by Team view in Ampll for Web
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