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Recognizing your teammates
Recognizing your teammates

To help teams encourage each other to manage their work energy, Ampll allows you teammates to recognize each other whenever they achieve a "gain" to their batteries or they decide to set an intentional "boost."

When a teammate celebrates your boost, you get a notification.

Notification for a reward bolt with a custom message

In addition, Ampll notifies you whenever one of your domain teammates' batteries achieves an intentional gain or boost.  Directly from the notification panel, you can recognize them by sending a bolt.

Giving a bolt directly from a notification

You can recognize them by hovering over the notification and choosing "Give a bolt."

Ampll also enables you to give bolts directly from a Mini Panel recommendation card and to optionally include a message.

Giving a bolt from a Recommendation Card

You can also give bolts and send messages directly from the Bolts tab. A green bolt means you've already given a bolt to the user. A hollow bolt means you can still give the user a bolt.

The Bolts tab

Clicking the message bubble allows you to put a message on a teammate's timeline.

Sending a custom message from the Bolts tab

Note that you can only give one bolt per intentional boost or gain event.

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