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Scheduling your gains
Scheduling your gains

Ampll can also detect gains from your calendar entries.

Invited Gains

For example, you can schedule a gain by inviting to your calendar events.

Invite to schedule a gain

Keyword Gains

You can also schedule wellbeing gains by including certain keywords, such as "workout" to your calendar events.  The current list of keywords for wellbeing include: bike, breathe, exercise, gym, jog, lunch, massage, meditate, meditation mindfulness, peloton, pilates, relax, stroll, swim, walk, workout, and yoga.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for other suggestions!

Scheduled gain with wellbeing keyword "workout" in title

Setting recurring commitments

For recurring events that you don't want on your calendar, you can use Commitments.

To add a Commitment from the Ampll Mini-Panel:

  • In the Ampll Mini Panel, click on the Home tab
  • Click your avatar to view your Profile page
  • Scroll down to the Appointments / Commitments section and click Edit
  • Click the empty box to add new
  • Start entering your weekly commitment.
Adding a recurring commitment that does not appear on your calendar

You can also add or edit commitments from Ampll for Web.

Clicking the Edit button under Appointments / Commitments in Ampll for Web

Classifying recurring calendar appointments

You can also label recurring weekly events on your calendar as gains.  To do this, use the Add from calendar button and select the event to mark as a gain.

Listing recurring events from calendar

Clicking an appointment allows you to customize its label, its emoji, and its type (e.g., Well-being event).

Labeling a Happy Hour with a custom emoii and type
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