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Sharing your availability
Sharing your availability

Sharing your presence and energy levels among teammates promotes transparency and fosters better team engagement.

You can share your energy levels and your presence with teammates in the same email domain (e.g., and optionally with private teams (contact us if you'd like to set up a private team). The people you are sharing with are shown in the People tab. You can also optionally turn off sharing from the Home tab by turning off Presence and Energy Sharing.

You can customize your availability by typing a message in the comment field and clicking Set Status. You can customize the Presence you display to others by clicking the down arrow dropdown on the Presence button.

Customizing status with a comment and overriding detected Presence state

To invite others to the team, click the Invite link the upper right of the People tab.

Seeing the presence and energy levels of your team

If your invitees do not use Ampll, they will receive an email inviting them to download the Ampll app and to set up an account.

If your invitees already use Ampll, they will receive an email linking them back into Ampll where they can join the team. Note that joining a team requires that teammates must click the link from a Mac or Windows PC with Ampll installed and logged in.

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